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The Harlequin Series of Limited Edition Prints

No. 4 Staellium

Print No. 4 commemorates the provision of general financial advice to Staellium.

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  • Staellium's main product is a Stealth text which disappears off the recipient's phone therefore explaining the reference to "this tape will self destruct in five seconds".
  • Their offices are in Whitechapel yet most of the meetings took place in Pall Mall .
  • The CEO is French ,one of their major shareholders, Matthijs, is Belgian and their first potential customer is from Ecuador
  • Pink Accounting Services of Marlow were invaluable in ensuring that we had detailed financial information to enable Staellium to complete its fundraising.
  • This was the forth project undertaken by Harlequin.

The artist on this occasion was Hilary Shopland of Newbury, Berks.



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