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The Harlequin Series of Limited Edition Prints

A series of limited edition prints by artist Kirsten Jones, commissioned by Harlequin Corporate Finance Ltd. Each collaged print is a limited edition of four, created to mark the completion of a particular project as a gift to the company involved. Harlequin and the artist also keep one of each print. Thus, as the collection grows, each company gains a limited edition work of art as souvenir of the project and the full set is owned and displayed by Harlequin as visual reference to the recent history of their business.


Each print is numbered and incorporates relevant information to that project. Kirsten's work involves collage, so fragments of restaurant bills, business cards, accounting sheets may be used to create a surface on which to work. Charts and stamps also reference the idea of putting a project on the map and rubber-stamping the completion of a project.

No. 2 Creativity Software

The background image is a gas tower, the view from the company's window at the start of the project. Leaning against this is a bicycle.. Chris and Lee are both keen cyclists and this is their bike of choice. Fragments of paper, text and maps are attached to the framework of the gas tower, using the blue pins which are part of the company's branding. The fragments relate to the company in the following ways: (click image to enlarge)

  • No. 2 : this is the second collage commissioned by Harlequin.
  • Richmond park : (map fragment) the place where Chris and Lee cycle regularly.
  • Creative and Harlequin: (dictionary definitions) taken from the names of companies involved
  • Logos : CS and Harlequin logos
  • Cheque fragments : the one that bounced.. straight from the finance director into oblivion.
  • 'crayfish credit' : The text at the top of the dictionary page above 'creative', it made me smile because if a crayfish tried to get credit or write a cheque I am sure it would have worked as well as ian's did.
  • Eiffel Tower : both companies went on the Eurostar to Paris to celebrate the success of the project, this image is taken from the original ticket folder.
  • Two French stamps : idea of 'mobility and things being sent from one place to another, connecting with the French trip.
  • 'novel' : dictionary definition, the software involved is a creative writing package designed to help people writing novels.
  • "In a mobile world location is everything" : company strap line.

Kirsten Jones lives and works in Wargrave where she owns a gallery and studio. She exhibits regularly in Wargrave, London and Cornwall and more examples of her paintings and collages can be seen on her website




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