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Transaction Artwork

The Harlequin Series of Limited Edition Prints No. 20 Project Finland

Artwork by: Jane Fletcher

In celebration of the acquisition of Duostream by Six Degrees

The picture is made of electrical wire to represent connections and communication.

Six wires are initially used to depict the Six Degree Group logo. The wires at the end are exposed making both connections with each other and also reaching out to make a ‚Äòcloud’

About the artist, Jane Fletcher Words Art

I’m an artist of the non-painting kind; my work is inspired by a combination of everyday objects, life and a British sense of humour‚Ķ and sometimes red wine!

I have work displayed in the Manchester Teaching Hospital and the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Much of my work is sold through word of mouth and commissions and I’ve also just ventured into retail with Huttons of Marlow selling a selection of my 3D pictures and cards.

I work from my studio in Streatley, Berkshire.