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Transaction Artwork

The Harlequin Series of Limited Edition Prints No 14

Artwork by: Marc Howchin

In celebration of the acquisition of Telecall by mps plc

In celebration of the acquisition of Telecall by mps plc . The painting by Marc Howchin is of Henley-on-Thames the location of Harlequin Corporate Finance since 2006, the Royal Regatta held each year since 1839 and the rowing events in the London Olympic Games of 1908 and 1948.

There are references in the painting to Harlequin’s client, mps plc, and Project Ravello which resulted in the acquisition of Telecall. One of the buildings is numbered 14 as this is the 14 th project completed by Harlequin Corporate Finance. Is that Tim Docker , Managing Director of mps plc, cycling through the town? The painting highlights some of the landmarks of the town including Machins, Henley ‘s favourite butchers since 1910.

Marc Howchin was born in East London in 1956 and moved to Henley-on-Thames in 1976. He only started painting 7 years ago and is substantially self taught. He paints mainly landscapes but is best known for his various views of Henley-on-Thames . He has had two exhibitions in the town.

To contact Marc Howchin

Mobile : 07774 571743